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Is Astrology a Science ?
The word Astrology is derived from two Greek words, "Astra" & "Logos", and literally means "the logic and reasoning of Stars & Planets".

Astrology is a Science based on the theory that Electronic Radiations from celestial & heavenly bodies produce molecular changes in earth's atmosphere, which result in cellular changes in organic bodies of all animate & inanimate objects.

What is Destiny & is it really connected with our 'Karmas' ?
Destiny is the Fate one is born with, and is determined by the position of the stars at the exact moment in time when we take birth. This Destiny is based on the Karmas or the actions & deeds one has performed in the past life/lives. In other words, past life's Karmas are present life's Destiny. 

Our life is like a Balance Sheet, where the Closing balance of the past lives is carried forward as an Opening balance in the present life. The moment you are born, you have an outstanding credit, or debit in your name. In the present lifetime, you can either clear your old debts, or add on to them. The mechanism of nature is much more sophisticated & fool-proof than all the sciences of the earth put together. 

How important are Karmas in the present life ?
There is no way we can change the Karmas in the past lives. But knowing a problem is half the battle won. If in the present lifetime, one acquires awareness about this truth, which is one of the greatest truths of life, one should make all efforts to perform good deeds, and refrain from evil influences which steer you towards wrong acts, since negative forces are exceptionally strong in 'Kalyuga'.

Only these good Deeds/Karmas can help one fill some of the voids and acquire the most important essentials which one might presently feel deprived of, like happiness, joy, peace of mind, or wealth, health, fame, success, professional achievements, marriage, children etc. The right Karmas shall automatically lead you on to the path of true understanding of your objectives in life & the sure-shot mediums of achieving them.

Does this mean that you can change your Destiny & your Future ?
There are certain Karmas, which, if performed in the present life, can change the Destiny not only in the present life, but also in future lifetimes. Vedic Remedies are part of such Karmas. Vedic Remedies are "acts of worship" which absolve & neutralize old sins, and improve the list of present 'Karmas', or good deeds, hence changing the Destiny/Fate of a person in the present & future lifetimes. 

How effective are Vedic Remedies and when should they be performed ?
Vedic Remedies can minimize, overcome, and sometimes even totally avoid the evil effect of planets. They not only control your misfortunes, but also help fulfil your Dreams, and change your Future.

But unfortunately, one thinks of consulting an astrologer and taking remedial steps
only when one is already in deep trouble & has tried all other possible solutions to get out, but in vain. This does not mean that the problem becomes incurable, though this surely makes the Astrologerís work much more complicated & difficult, since some afflictions are not rectifiable as others.

Thus, it is imperative to take the Astrologer's warning seriously & take remedial measures much in advance, before the cycle of negativity begins, in order to avoid
unnecessary distress, failures, diseases & calamities. 


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