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How can I pay for my Order ?
AstrologyMantra accepts all major Credit and Debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You can place an Order online by adding the items to Shopping list in Secure Mode.
To order online click here

If you experience any problems in making an Order or Payment online, please write at order@astrologymantra.com

How do I know that the Order is correctly placed ?
Each Order is followed by a Confirmation Email to acknowledge the Order. After you have placed the Order, you will receive this E-mail confirming the and the Order Number which has been assigned to that Order to facilitate Further Correspondence or Communication.

What is the estimated Delivery time, and Shipping charges ?
All Electronically-delivered Products like Horoscopes are delivered by Email in HTML format in Zipped Format. Expected Delivery time is about 7-10 working days from day of placing Order. Please check the Time Frame mentioned on the Order Page of the Item.

All Physically-delivered Products are delivered by Courier or Recorded Delivery. Expected Delivery time is about 10-12 working days from day of placing Order.

The Shipping charges for Physically delivered Products are 15.00 USD and shall be added to your Total Amount Payable before Checkout. All prices mentioned in the Secure Shopping page are exclusive of Shipping Charges.

Does Astrologymantra accept International Orders ?
Yes, we accept International Orders and deliver to most of the major Countries of the World. When placing an International order, please ensure that you select the correct Country from the Drop Down box in the Address section.

How do I check the status of my Order?
The expected Time for Delivery of Orders is
mentioned on the Order Page of the Item. If you have any Questions about the Status of your Order, please click here to send us an Email. Include your Full Name, Email and Order Number.

How do I check Stock Availability ?
All the Services listed in the Horoscope section are available and all the Products listed on Secure Shopping Page are available and In Stock.

For some Rare products which are not shown on the Secure Shopping Pages, please click here to send us an Email, including your Name, Email address, and the Product you want to enquire about. 

Can I cancel an Order once I have placed it?
You can cancel any Order within 24 hours of placing the Order. After 24 hours, Order cannot be cancelled.
Order can be changed within 48 hours of of placing the Order. After 48 hours, Order cannot be changed.

In case of a Cancellation or Change of Order, send us an Email including your Full Name, Email, Order Number and the reason for this Cancellation or Change. Wait for the Acknowledgement of your Email confirming that the Cancellation or Change has been effected.

In case of Cancellation, Payment is refunded to the Credit Card. AstrologyMantra, however, holds the Right to Cancel any Order and Refund the Payment to the Credit Card without assigning any reasons.

Is my Credit Card Number 100% secure?
All Transactions are 100 % Secure since they are made using Secure Network. All Credit Card information is transmitted over a Secure network. We use Industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 128 bit) Technology to allow for the encryption of critically sensitive information like your Credit Card details. Information passed between your Computer and our Website cannot be read even if it is intercepted by someone. This Encryption Technology, which is used by very few Professional Websites, virtually eliminates any kind of leakage of Credit Card information on the Internet.

Do we have a Return and Refund policy ?

AstrologyMantra is committed to providing the highest quality Products and Services to their customers.

Keeping in view the nature of our Business, Products used by one cannot be used by another, since they shall loose their Spiritual Value, and will not yield any Benefit. Also considering the rigorous Effort, Time and Expense invested in the Purification of each Product to ensure that it's Sanctity and Power is intact, it is not possible to accept Return of Products once they have been used. 

Products once Sold and used for any Period of time cannot be returned.

What are AstrologyMantra's Terms & Conditions of Sale ?
The following are the terms and conditions for the Sale of Products and Services that will govern any Contract for Sale that we enter into with our Customer. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before making a Purchase.

1. The Price you will pay for the Products and Services is shown in the Total Order Value before Payment details.

2. Once you have selected the Products and Services you wish to Order,  you can proceed to Secure Checkout where you will be asked for your Payment Details.

3. By completing the Details and cicking the "Submit" Button on the Secure Checkout screen, you are offering to buy the Products and Services subject to our Terms and Conditions and this Purchase Procedure.

4. AstrologyMantra holds the right to refuse to supply any Product or Service ordered, and Cancel the Order without assigning any reasons thereof.




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