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The Miracle called 'Rudraksha'
Rudraksha is the most auspicious and sacred bead having extraordinary powers to bless the wearer with health, wealth, intelligence, luck, divinity, power, prosperity, spirituality or anything else one desires in life, immaterial of caste, creed, religion or even planetary position in one's horoscope.

The Amazing Powers of Rudrakshas
The Rudraksha has countless & amazing powers to bless the wearer with all material comforts & luxuries of life, fulfill all desires & wishes, and achieve all ambitions & objectives. It also has the cosmic power to lead a person on to the right path of spiritual advancement, elevation of soul, performance of good 'karmas' and improvement of future & destiny.

Rudrakshas create tremendous positive energy in the body, mind and soul. In addition -
1. They possess miraculous healing powers and prevent & cure various dangerous diseases like small pox, epilepsy, whooping cough etc. They can also heal the most poisonous wounds, if used as a prescription, in a specified method, after consulting an Astrologer. In fact, in India, many 'Ayurvedic' pharmaceutical companies use them in preparation of medicines.

2. Rudrakshas help in eradicating worries and bless the wearer with Mental relaxation and Peace of mind.

3. These beads are so auspicious that they bestow Wealth & Happiness on whoever possesses them. They bring Good fortune, Success and Fame. Not only this, they fulfill all hopes & desires, and bless the wearer with all comforts of life.

4. Rudrakshas stimulate the mind, increase the intellect, improve the power of speech & oration. They also helps in acquiring the power of Intuition.

5. Rudrakshas create positive mental energy and generate spiritual power. They help in awakening the 'Kundalini' or vital energies & propel the cosmic forces in one's favor. They are considered the most sacred instruments for offering obeisance and praying to God.

6. The wearer of Rudrakshas remains free form ghosts & spirits, and is not only blessed with a long, disease-free life, but it is believed, can also avert ‘Akal Mrityu’ or untimely death. 

How to get real benefit from a Rudraksha
If there is one thing in Indian Astrology, which can give extraordinary benefit to almost everybody, it is the Rudraksha. It is a source of tremendous power & energy, but it is necessary to take the following Precautions, in order to get real benefit :

1. Ensure that the Rudrakshas you are buying are of ultimate quality, purity & power. The market is flooded with fake & cheap versions of the original -  Wearing these will only give you psychological satisfaction, no real benefit. 

2. The Rudraksha has to be worn for the first time, on a prescribed day & time, after recitation of specified Mantra & offering obeisance to it, as per religious procedures.

3. Rudraksha should preferably be worn in a thread, or a gold/silver chain  around the neck, for maximum benefit. The thread should be changed regularly, before it gets dirty or worn out.

4. Rudraksha should be regularly cleaned and kept strictly free from layers or deposits of dirt/dust. After being cleaned, it should be oiled with pure oil or 'desi' ghee, and treated with incense or perfume. This increases it's strength, power & benefits manifold.

5. Rudraksha should not be worn during the sexual act or bowel movements. 



The story of Rudraksha

Different faces of Rudrakshas & their Benefits

Procure Rudrakshas

The Story of Rudraksha

Different Faces of Rudrakshas & their Benefits

Procure Rudrakshas



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