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What is a Yantra
Yantra is an instrument, apparatus, talisman or mystical diagram, thru' which the invisible sources of energy can be made to act/work for the advantage of the individual, by helping him realize his dreams and fulfill his desires & ambitions.

Yantras work thru’ the five basic elements of Nature, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Sky, and by recitation of certain Mantras. They also have the power to to remove the malevolent effect of planets & increase their positive influence.

How Yantras are prepared & used
Yantras are prepared under definite guidelines and with specific rituals, on an appropriate day, time & place, & energized thru’ a ‘Sidh mantra’ with utmost skill and earnestness, a process which converts them from mere diagrams to invisible forces of energy, working for the benefit of the individual.

After preparation, Yantras have to be purified and energized with proper 'Homa' or 'Hawan' (fire ritual) under specific Vedic guidelines laid down in the Shastras. This is necessary to get the desired cosmic benefit from the Yantra.

Yantras may be drawn or etched/carved on bronze, lead, copper, silver, gold, steel or 'Bhoj Patra', i.e., Holy bark of a tree. Yantras can either be worn on the body in locket form, or kept in the place of worship or Alter and used for the purpose of worshipping.

How to get real benefit from Yantras
1. After being prepared, Yantras need to be duly purified, sanctified and energized with Vedic rituals. The knowledge, skill & sincerity of purpose of the 'Sadhaka' or expert who energizes the Yantra, enhances the advantages & benefits that the user can get from it.

2. The Yantra needs to be installed or worn for the first time, on a prescribed day & time, after recitation of specified Mantras and following prescribed religious procedure.

3. One should pay obeisance to the Yantra regularly, as instructed, in order to maintain it's sanctity and power, multiply it's benefic effect, and continue to reap the desired benefit for the rest of one's life. 

4. The rituals of worship for Yantras to be worn are different from those to be worshipped.


Important Yantras & 
their Benefits

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Important Yantras & their Benefits

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